The Falmouth Green Corridor is an informal tract of land following the Bickland Stream and is freely accessible along most of its length. The majority of the individual sites along its route, such as Tregoniggie Woodland and the Swanvale/Swanpool nature reserves are owned by Cornwall Council. Smaller sections, owned by South West Water and private individuals, may not be wholly accessible.

How to get here:

The corridor may be accessed at numerous points along its length, including Bickland Hill (by Falmouth Football Club) at the western end; at Swanvale (Boslowick Hill) in the centre of the corridor and Swanpool Beach car park at the southern extremity.

The Maritime Line runs a twice hourly service between Truro and Falmouth. Falmouth Penmere station is a 5 min walk from the Swanvale entrance to the corridor.

Free on-road parking is available at a number of the various access points. A large, public, fee paying car park is situated at Swanpool Beach by the southern end of the corridor.