Progress in Prislow Woods

Thanks to our recent successful funding application, progress is now being made towards building an accessible path through Prislow Woods. The clearance work is being done as quickly as possible to be completed before nesting season. Have a look at the latest in these work in progress photos: Some of the cleared logs are being […]

Prislow Woods Boardwalk Funding

We are really pleased to announce that the Prislow Woods boardwalk project has been awarded over £43,000, which will fund the completion of the project. The boardwalk will create a safe and accessible pathway through Prislow Woods, connecting them with Swanvale Nature Reserve. Prislow Woods forms an important part of the Falmouth Green Corridor, and […]

Stream Monitoring with Westcountry Rivers Trust

Members from some of the groups which make up the Falmouth Green Corridor (Prislow Woods Community Project, Swanpool Forum, Friends of Tregoniggie Woodland and Plastic Free Falmouth) have joined the Westcountry Rivers Trusts’ Citizen Scientific Investigation Programme.  The programme relies on volunteers to monitor water in their local area, to feed back information to the […]

Yellow Fish Campaign

Members of the Falmouth Green Corridor, supported by the Environment Agency, have formed a sub group to join a larger scale, national project; The Yellow Fish Campaign. The campaign has been used in other localities with huge success, and as the Falmouth Green Corridor follows the course of the Bickland stream, the Yellow Fish Campaign […]