Yellow Fish Campaign

Members of the Falmouth Green Corridor, supported by the Environment Agency, have formed a sub group to join a larger scale, national project; The Yellow Fish Campaign. The campaign has been used in other localities with huge success, and as the Falmouth Green Corridor follows the course of the Bickland stream, the Yellow Fish Campaign is an important part of our ongoing work. 

The campaign highlights the importance of what should, and shouldn’t, go down our surface water drains. Education is key, with the aim being to raise awareness of the importance of surface water drains taking only rain, as they lead directly to streams, rivers and the sea, and the water that goes down them is not treated. Pollutants entering these watercourses can affect water quality, become a hazard to individual plants and animals, and lead to detrimental effects on whole ecosystems.

The first part of the project will include providing informative leaflets to both businesses and individuals, outlining the importance of the project, and providing links to more information. We hope to teach the public how to tell the difference between foul and surface drains, what can go down these drains, and the damage which can be caused if pollutants end up down the wrong drains. Following this, drains in the residential and industrial areas which feed into the Bickland stream, will be marked with a “yellow fish” symbol, to remind people of the campaign, and that what goes down the drain affects the watercourse. 

A small team will also be giving presentations in local schools, to teach new generations the importance of taking care of our water systems, encouraging them to share their knowledge and understand better the relationship between us and the natural world around us. 

For more information on the project, please visit the Facebook page: @yellowfishfalmouth

Local organisations involved in the project include:

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